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Lifestyle Property Management was created to move away from the old style and out dated form of property management that treats owners and their properties as a packaged commodity. Lifestyle Property Management is exactly what it describes, designed to suit the needs and the “Lifestyle” of the Owner.

The way in which we approach this is to offer and design a specific management package to you the owner, the property itself, and how you intend to use the property.

If you are a Homeowner that uses your property for Holidays and for Friends/Family, your outlook and services required will be entirely different to that of a professional renter that views the property as a business and requires it to be treated as such. However you intend to use your property, your approach, outlook and attitude to your property is unique, therefore your property management company should be working to the same goals. Here at Lifestyle we take all of this into account, we treat each owner as an individual and work together to best plan and implement the required approach.

The best possible start to this alignment of goals is to know the property. Many Property management companies will send a Sales agent, sign contracts, and sort out the fine print later. We do not work this way. We want to meet you, we want to see your property and we want to understand what you need. Our best tools are when we know your property inside and out, and I mean just that. We need to know every nook and cranny, every light bulb down to its type and location, how you property works and runs, and in some cases how it creeks and groans… By doing this we can best tailor our services for maintenance, reporting, inspections, housekeeping, property improvements, suggestion of services, and in the event of your Guests having issues we are fully aware of the property’s intricacies and we are then best placed to service any issue that arises.
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We perform all of our information gathering through our initial Owner meetings, which is then followed up by the Property set up procedure where we attend the property, gather any information that is outstanding based on your management service. Once the property has been set up, all this information is then logged in our management system to be called on when required.

If a property has been set up correctly, whatever your circumstances may be, or if the use of your property changes, we will always be in a position to adapt and change to your lifestyle, by the procedures and structure we put in place at the start of our working relationship.

Based in the Mijas Costa area of the Costa del sol, we are ideally suited to service all areas of the Costa de Sol, providing bespoke and tailored property management services, maintenance, housekeeping and a large array of Owners services to properties owners across our portfolio.

With many years of individual and cumulative experience our team members provide a wealth of experience not only in the Property management Industry but in other important areas that combine to form a structured, organised, efficient and responsive Property Management team. These experiences and disciplines include:

Guests Services, Customer Service, Hospitality, Hospitality Management, Multi-Site management, Maintenance, Inventories, Housekeeping, Operations, Logistics, Website planning/usability, Business consultancy, Sales and Networking, and many more besides.

Not only do we draw on these experiences but we also utilise the wide base of contacts, tradesmen, contractors and other professionals to be able to offer such a unique style of property management service.

Property Management by Design

We believe actions speak louder than words.

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