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All of the Services detailed below, although the list is not exhaustive are intended to highlight the huge variety of issues that a professional property management company like Lifestyle can manage and have experience in performing.

As a member of our Management Service, you the owner will have access to our skills and experience in all of these issues. While these services individually can be gained by seeking a private contractor, only an Experienced Property Management company can take the time to seek out, vet, and work alongside multiple disciplines to gain the Owners the most competitively priced, responsive and guaranteed services on the Coast. Please look through our brief descriptions to see at a glance what we can do for you. If you require more information on any topic that is mentioned below, or indeed there is another topic you wish to discuss, please contact Lifestyle for an informal chat and we will be more than happy to assist you.
locksmith Locksmith services are an undervalued resource in terms of property management. Their services are only generally used in an emergency, and then one plucked at random to get you out of predicament. However, here at Lifestyle property management we not only have dedicated trusted locksmiths that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we work closely with them to be able to offer services that best suit their skills. Have you ever thought about all the keys you have to a property? Have you considered that utilising a locksmith to make some or all of your locks work to one key? There are huge advantages both financially and terms of peace of mind to what a professional trusted locksmith can offer you. Contact us directly for more information on the services, suggestions and offers that are available.

security In these times everyone is security conscious, whether you live in your property, it is a holiday home or a rental property, Lifestyle property management assesses the security needs of your property and can provide a full assessment on the needs of the owners and the property to be able to advise you how best to protect your property, be that through lighting systems, locking methods, security grills, alarms systems and much more, we can offer advice or put into plan through our trusted suppliers the security options of your choice, including Security Guards. Please contact Lifestyle for more information.

aircon Air Conditioning on the Costa del sol is a must for any property. From servicing, re-gassing, leak detection, new installations down to removal of old systems and replacements, it is important to be sure that you are using a professional trusted engineer in this filed. Lifestyle property management works closely with a variety of Air Conditioning companies up and down the Costa del sol to be able to offer you a quick, efficient, cost effective and professional service. Typical issues that owners forget is that this type of machine requires regular servicing to work at its optimum level, reducing electricity bills and prolonging the life of the machines. High electric bills and you don’t know why? Got a leak and don’t know where it’s coming from? Tired of renters leaving the AC on all day when they aren’t in the property? Contact Lifestyle for more information about Air Conditioning.

electricity Hard to find a good one, even harder to get them to come you on time? Here at Lifestyle property management we have developed a network qualified, experienced and trusted electricians who perform works, or even come to offer advice for our owners. Do you have high electricity bills? Is the electricity tripping out and you cannot figure out why? Have you had a new digital meter installed? There is an array of knowledge that our network of electricians can offer and share, so please contact Lifestyle property management for more information.

tv The most common problem on the Costa del sol for property owners at this present point in time is the loss of the signal across southern Spain from SKY satellites. This has led to holiday properties being advertised with something that is no longer available, or homeowners without the luxuries of British TV. However, there is always a solution to a problem, and Lifestyle property managements has taken these solutions and refined them in order to be able to offer our owners a variety of methods to be able to gain British TV in their property. If British TV is not what you are looking for, we also have a number of solutions that cover international satellite channels and packages. Contact Lifestyle for more information.

plumber Like an Electrician, a good, reliable plumber is a someone that all Spanish property owners should have access to. Lifestyle property management has worked closely with plumbers up and down the Costa del sol and has built up a skilled base of specialist that are adept in locating and resolving plumbing issues based on the Spanish contraction methods. Do you have the odd odour from your property? High water bills and you cannot explain them? Small patch of damp that just appeared? Safety valve on your boiler keeps on being replaced? We have a solution for it all. Please contact us for the range of services that Lifestyle can advise on.

internet Spain, and indeed Andalucia is a little behind the times when it comes to the internet accessibility. The Costa del sol however is catching up, with the slow integration of fibre optics to the coastal areas. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will able to access it. Often, coverage of widely advertised services is not available in your property area, the communications infrastructure of the building your property may be in if it is in an urbanisation may not be able to cope, or the speed will not be sufficient to gain usable internet. Here at Lifestyle we have worked with all of these issues and managed to find a solution that best suits the property owner and property. Please contact us at Lifestyle for more information.

heater Considering the climate we have here on the Costa del Sol, Solar is a widely underutilised tool to reduce bills and be more environmentally friendly. Solar heating has the stigma of cost, but is this cost relative to the savings that will be made once installed? And can Solar be installed as a replacement for, or alongside your current system? Never hurts to ask…. Please contact Lifestyle and we will be happy to assist you.

garden If you have a small private garden or large plot of land, garden maintenance services can be designed and implemented around your requirements. If minimal maintenance is required, irrigation systems can be planned and installed so that costs can be reduced in order to lower the monthly bills. Whatever your needs are, for a little help in the garden, or someone to take care of it all, we have the answer. Call Lifestyle to find out more.

key If you are not in the position or do not require Lifestyle property management services, some owners have opted simply for a key holding service. The peace of mind to know that a professional reliable company holds keys to your property in the event of an emergency, or simply that access is required to your property. Contact us to see how this works?

pool Pool maintenance does not have to be expensive. It’s as simple as that. We can teach you to do this yourself, or if you require we can perform these tasks for you on a frequency recommended by our specialist pool maintenance technicians. Does your pool leak? Does it require general maintenance? Can you never get the right balance. Speak to Lifestyle and we can discuss your requirements.

tools Lifestyle property management performs all kinds of general maintenance at all levels by our internal maintenance staff or by trusted and experienced contractors. There is no job to big or too small that we have not completed for our owners, and we continue to perform hundreds of tasks a week to keep the properties to a high standard for our owners and guests. Require some property maintenance? Speak to Lifestyle for a professional, cost effective quote.

housekeeping Tailored specifically to the owners property and the needs of the owner, Lifestyle values Housekeeping as one of the most important aspect of property management. With scheduled visits, planned work as to what is required, and the highest standards, Lifestyle offers the best services that can be offered…. A very clean property! Do you require weekly, bi-weekly or daily visits? Do you require laundry rental or maid services? Contact us to discuss what services are available.

worker Have you just bought your property, or are planning renovation works? Do you require assistance in the planning and execution of the works? Do you have access to reliable, trusted and professional contractors? Here at Lifestyle we have developed a network of specialist contractors for all types of works, from a simple property repaint, terrace repairs, extensions, carports, full property renovations. We have the skills and experience to assist with or fully manage any works that you are planning or are in the process of completing. All you have to do is ask Lifestyle.

forsale Although the property industry on the Costa del Sol has a huge variety of agents for sales and purchases, who do you go with? Here at Lifestyle we put you in touch with the agents that are right for you. Whatever your needs, we will direct you towards the agent that will be able to get what you are looking for. Please contact Lifestyle for more information.

faces No matter how you use your property, Lifestyle can offer access to and arrangement of all types of services within your property, from a general event that takes care of all the party planning, catering, cleaning and entertainment, down to a complete corporate activity. All you have to do is ask, that’s what we are here for! It’s a Lifestyle.

bug Often a topic that is generally overlooked if our native country is one of a colder variety, but the sun brings warmth and moisture… a haven for a whole host of creepy crawlies that we would rather be outside than in. Our pest control contacts always quote for works in advance and offer guarantees for all their works… Remember, in this instance is the best cure (and the cheapest). Contact Lifestyle if you require more information.

furniture Whether you have recently purchased a property, renovating your existing one or looking to upgrade certain aspects/areas Lifestyle can assist you in supplying and delivering the furniture of your choice at the budget that you are working towards. Contact us to discuss what you are looking for and we will provide you with a variety of options to suit.

golf The Costa del Sol is a golfing heaven, with courses every which way you turn, it can often be pure chance to happen on a course that suits you, unless you have a specific recommendation. Budgets always considered we can tailor your holiday experience or that of your guests to get the best out the courses and get the best value for money. We here at Lifestyle all have our favourites… which one is yours? Let Lifestyle help you.

car It seems a mute topic, but we are forever being asked which is the best Hire Care Company to use, or one that we would recommend. Of course, we can answer all our customer queries and questions. Would you like to know who we recommend and why? Please contact Lifestyle for more information.

visa The utility companies in Spain, and especially relating to the Costa del Sol can be difficult sometimes and often obtuse. Trying to gain information or rectify a problem can be frustrating and time consuming. If payments are missed, it becomes increasingly difficult to pay electronically, leaving cash payments only as an alternative that need to be paid in person to avoid disconnection. Let Lifestyle deal with this for you.

window A specialist window cleaner is a rare site on the Costa del sol. The majority of these services are carried out by the cleaning companies that owners or management companies employ, however nothing beats a professional window cleaner in terms of speed, cost and quality of work. The warm dry weather here, and warm winds mean property windows get dirty very quickly. There is nothing more damaging to a first impression of clean property (where the inside is immaculate) than to arrive to dirty widows or glass curtains. We can help.

care An often overlooked aspect of your properties maintenance, and one that could cost you more in the long run to replace or repair damaged equipment is servicing. Regularly serviced Air Conditioning machines, Boilers, Pool Equipment, Pools/Spas, Heating amongst other items can save you in the long run. As part of your management package we can tailor a servicing plan into the schedule to protect against those ugly problems raising their heads. Contact Lifestyle and add this to your requirements.

exit Not as yet a legal requirements when renting out a private domicile, however one that not only protects your property from potential damage, and that of injury to your guests, but instills confidence for your guests that you the owner are doing everything possible to ensure their safety and well being while present in your property. Insurance companies do not offer any reductions in their premiums for Insurance; however they do look favorably when issues occur if the property owners have taken measures to avoid potential issues. Please contact Lifestyle Property Management to discuss the Fire and Safety Package, its contents and pricing.

pipes Anyone with any experience of Spain and Spanish plumbing will know if the perilous problems that can occur in the pipe work that is hidden beneath our feet. The Costa del Sol as is common knowledge was subject to a huge property boom, where properties seemed to appear overnight. This being the case, the infrastructure servicing properties is not necessarily as sound as it seems. With a property full of guests and the smell of the sewer getting stronger and stronger, when you need it most wouldn’t you want to know that you have a reliable property management company to call who can solve your problems? Contact Lifestyle.

truck For whatever reason, whether transferring furniture from place to place, or a complete transport service, the right company that treats your property as their own is a must. There are a number of reputable companies actively promoting their services on the Costa del Sol, and a hoard of one man bands with a van that…. Well, let’s just say, you get what you pay for. We have helped our owners in both situations, and know what we are talking about… Ask Lifestyle for advice before you commit to these services.

kitchen As we all know, these two area of any property are the most important to the usability of the space, the feel of the property and an investment in it’s value. Here at Lifestyle we work closely with designers and manufacturers to design and implement renovation or complete changes in design to suit all needs and budgets. A new kitchen or bathroom can completely change a property, and doesn’t have to cost as much as you think. Contact Lifestyle.

airport It seems like a topic of common sense, but often when booking a Holiday Property people lose their common sense. Often it is the case that they arrive at their destination airport and have no real bearings for where they are, or how far away the property that they have booked actually is. To avoid all of this, and to assist in the easy arrival and departure of your guests, offer a transport service, or at least the recommendation. We have some great contacts for you… just ask Lifestyle.

men A great way to greet you incoming guests, taking the stresses and strains of a new area away to provide a smooth and simple transition from the Airport for example, to the property. Or simply a walk around the property, we can tailor everything to your needs. What could be nicer after travelling than to be given a tour of your property.

talk A valuable and insightful service that offers recommendations and suggestions to owners regarding property improvements, property services, rental advise and improvements based on how you wish to use your property. Often situations or requirements change, in this way your property and how it performs needs to change as well. We can offer sound and impartial advice based on our professional and experienced backgrounds.

medical If you have guests travelling that require specialist medical requirements, or services then please contact us directly. We will make arrangements for you as required, working as always with the highest level of professional in the industry.

list Property management companies on the Costa del Sol, in our experience, under value this essential area of the management service. A professional inventory is not only a valuable tool for insurance services, but a properly inventoried and detailed property condition and contents can ease the check-in / check-out process if guests are involved, or a dilapidations report at the end of the year.

pig Whether transferring money into your Spanish bank account to top it up, or to send money from another account for a project some owners prefer to use their bank to do this, often incurring unnecessary charges. With a reputable international money transfer company we can help you gain preferential exchange rates, quickly, easily and avoiding the bank charges. Please contact us for more information.

bank Delving into the Spanish Mortgage system is not easy at the best of times, especially if your are not fluent in the native tongue. However, here at Lifestyle we can point you in the right direction for free, impartial advice on the options and services that are available if you are looking to purchase a property with a mortgage or just looking to move your mortgage to another bank. Lifestyle can help, all you have to do is ask.

battery There is a number of issues around the Energy Certification topic that a lot of people are unsure about. We have detailed the basics on our website, but in essence nearly all property owners will require it at one stage or another, and if you are in the “required stage” please remember, everything in Spain and the Costas comes with a fine of some sort or another. However, we can help.

building If you property resides within an Urbanisation, it is generally subject to a community of owners. Each property owner is obliged by law to contribute to the upkeep of the communal areas as theoretically they are part owners. Surprisingly, some owners are never made aware of this at point of purchase, and subsequently accrue large debts as a result of non-payment of these fees. We can help, having contacts with the urbanisations administrating companies or the communities themselves we can help in all aspects of resolving any issues that may arise.

market These services are an industry to themselves on the Costa del Sol, and a whole host of companies offer these services. But who do you choose, which company do you give your business? As with any purchase information needs to be gathered as to what service, price and quality suit you. We already have that experience and can point you in the right direction. Each of the products is an investment in your property; make sure that you invest wisely.

lawyer It is important to be prepared, and knowing the right people to turn to in the event you need them is a must. This is the same with Lawyers here in Spain. Often the language barrier determines the use of a specific Lawyer that is used. But is this the right way to view this. Speak to Lifestyle to gain impartial advice on the best Lawyer for your needs.

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