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Energy Certification
As of 13th June 2013 if you are selling or renting a property, the property must have a current and valid Energy Certificate. There are a number of clauses in this requirement that the general public are unsure about.

If you have a long term tenant in situe prior to this date, you do not need an Energy Certificate. However, when the renewal of the tenancy occurs, this then becomes a new tenancy in the eyes of the authorities, thus requiring the Certification to take place. If you have owned or purchased the property after the date above, the property should have been presented to you along with the title deeds with a copy of the Energy Certification. If you do not have a copy of this please contact your solicitor that you performed the property purchase with to gain this copy. If you rent your property on a short term basis for more than 16 weeks a year you are required by law to be able to present an Energy certificate on request. If you rent out your property for less than 16 weeks a year you do not require an Energy Certificate. However, you do need to supply an alternative certificate declaring this. If you gain this certificate, and for whatever reason your properties occupancy exceeds 16 weeks in any one year, then an Energy Certificate is then required.

If you require Energy certification, there are a large number of Technicians that offer their services to assist you in the process, or you can even perform the assessment yourself. However, here at Lifestyle we like to do things properly. We use the services of an Architect that performs and completes the service from start to finish. They will gain access to the property via our management keys, perform the visual assessments and use the information provided by Lifestyle that they require to complete the certification. Once complete this is then registered with the college of architects and with the Junta de Andalucia and the registration documents are sent to Lifestyle and the owners for our records.

To complete the energy certification there is specific information that needs to be provided. If you would like more information regarding this, or do not have access to the information required please contact us at Lifestyle and we will assist you.
Television and Satellite Changes
The most common problem on the Costa del sol for property owners at this present point in time is the loss of the signal across southern Spain from SKY satellites. This has led to holiday properties being advertised with something that is no longer available, or homeowners without the luxuries of British TV. However, there is always a solution to a problem, and Lifestyle property management has taken these solutions and refined them in order to be able to offer our owners a variety of methods to be able to gain British TV in their property. If British TV is not what you are looking for, we also have a number of solutions that cover international satellite channels and packages. Contact Lifestyle for more information.
Medical Services
Whether your property on the Costa del Sol is used for Holidays or a permanent home, medical services are generally those that are last to be considered when venturing away from our natives countries. All the benefits and facilities we have access to as part from our country of origin are expectations that we have when in Spain. Although the Costa del Sol has some very good Hospitals, Clinics and Emergency Medical Care, they do not perform in the way that you might expect. If you are from a European Country for example, we enjoy the luxury of the European Health Card which affords us the use of Spain's medical system in an Emergency. However, if you are a Resident here, or require Specific Medical requirements, these are often not covered.

There are a wide variety of Private Medical Clinics, services and Organisations that have come to offer these services, along with additional Aesthetic Medical treatments that can be offered. When choosing these services, please be sure to understand their components, charges and restrictions in full in order to get the best possible care. If you are unsure of anything or simply would like some advice, please contact Lifestyle for more information.
Pool Safety
The laws around the use of swimming pools in Spain are changing, and this will dramatically affect the swimming pool use on the Costa del Sol. Recently there has been a large influx of pool closures, mostly for private communities where the standard, condition and requirements of these pools are be being scrutinised. Local Councils are obliged to “close” these pools until the new regulations are met, and officials can sign off on this, therefore issuing an opening license.

The laws around the pool requirements are vague and technical, but we have interpreted some of these for you in order to gain a better understanding of the process.

Health Regulations of the pools of collective use:

Article 1: Purpose and Scope – 2. Excluded from the scope of private pools or multi-family use belonging to neighbouring communities of less than twenty houses • Chapter 2: Section 1 – Characteristics of bathing….two square meters of water surface per user…..the figure of this capacity will be posted up in both the pool entrance and inside. • Chapter 2: Article 4, Section 1.1 – Children or “splash pools”, designed solely for children under six years, notwithstanding their support or supervision, with a depth not exceeding forty inches….. the bottom does not offer / exceed ten percent (10%) slopes…. It’s purification system is also independent of other existing vessels / pools. • Chapter 2: Article 4, Section 1.2 – Recreational and multi-purpose use, to the public at large, and must have areas shallower than one metre forty centimetres. • Chapter 2: Article 5, Section 3 – Slope changes are moderate and progressive and will be marked as well as the points of maximum and minimum depth, through signs or other markings, which will be visible from inside and outside the pool. • Chapter 2: Article 8, Section 2 – The shower base will be of non slip material, round edges, easy to clean and disinfect and with sufficient slope to allow drainage without retention. • Chapter 2: Article 10, Section 1 – Except infant or splash vessels, which is not mandatory for the vascular access, stairs shall be provided every twenty meters around the perimeter • Chapter 2: Article 10, Section 2 – Stairs shall be stainless material, easily cleaned and disinfected with flat steps and non-slip surface, reaching underwater depth.

While the information above is only a snippet of the extensive regulations by the authorities, and our interpretation, they do provide some generic requirements to follow. To gain the full original document for your information, please contact the relevant Public Health office in the Junta de Andalucia.

The main emphasis of the changes to the pool laws centre around the requirement for them to be gated. If a pool falls under community responsibility and a lifeguard is required, the pool must then be locked outside of advertised opening times. There requirements for securely gating a pool are also vague, but as far as we understand are also to be used as a potential framework, which may include a private pool in the near future. If you require more information or are planning to make amendments to your private pool, please contact Lifestyle property management for an informal discussion.
Fire and Safety Packages
Not as yet a legal requirements when renting out a private domicile, however one that not only protects your property from potential damage, and that of injury to your guests, but instills confidence for your guests that you the owner are doing everything possible to ensure their safety and well being while present in your property. Insurance companies do not offer any reductions in their premiums for Insurance; however they do look favourably when issues occur if the property owners have taken measures to avoid potential issues.

Please contact Lifestyle Property Management to discuss the Fire and Safety Package, its contents and pricing.

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